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Category: Leaders Roundtable

Navigating the Madness
Deb Boehling and Laura F. H. McDonald, Partners at Levine, Blaszak, Block and Boothby, LLP discuss "MAD" events in the telecommunications industry: mergers, acquisitions/investments, and divestitures—plus bankruptcies and restructuring among telecom vendors and companies.
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Data Archiving For SAP
Bob Peattie, COO, and Jim Paschke, CTO of CoreTek Solutions, spoke about how optimizing SAP system efficiency requires the management of accumulated and historical data.
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Data Privacy Regulations
For our second Leaders Roundtable, Moiz Kahari, Founder and CEO of Manetu, spoke with us on the ramifications of privacy regulation compliance on your enterprise, your relationships with partners and customers and on your brand.
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New Technology for Remote Trading Compliance
In the first AQUABLUE Leaders Roundtable, Guy Talarico, CEO of Alaric Compliance Services, took us through the variety of compliance and security risks for remote traders.
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