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Data Privacy Regulations

Redefining Your Customer Relationships

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AQUABLUE Networks’ second Leaders Roundtable took place on September 24. Moiz Kahari, Founder and CEO of Manetu, spoke with us about the ramifications of privacy regulation compliance on your enterprise, your relationships with partners and customers and on your brand. The discussion centered around the latest best practices, how to identify your organization’s best path forward, and how to best protect your business.

  • What are the current consumer privacy regulations?
  • Are you ready to respond to evolving requirements?
  • What approaches to compliance are available, and successful?
  • What will your response be when a member of your critical ecosystem requires your compliance documents for a new contract?

Watch the recording or download the presentation to help as you evaluate your unique situation. 

Contact us today to continue the conversation or reach out directly to Moiz at


Chris Marino

Chris and the team at AQUABLUE respond to enterprises’ most complex connectivity needs, unifying network custom design, engineering, implementation, cost optimization and account management into a single, managed and transparent service model that financial and enterprise organizations rely on to perform.

Moiz Kahari
Founder & CEO, Manetu

Before co-founding Manetu, Moiz was most recently Global Chief Technology Architect at State Street. He was previously Head of Global Technology Innovation at the London Stock Exchange Group and CTO of Novell. Moiz was the founder and CEO of Mission Critical Linux.


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055

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