ITL Global Services
becomes AQUABLUE.



Today’s network environment is one of unprecedented complexity, driven by the upheavals of carrier consolidation and higher-than-ever network performance expectations.

AQUABLUE is a leading expert in navigating this complexity, providing customers more customized, niche networks to meet its demands.

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Rely on a single source, a single solution, to simplify and optimize performance.

Global Aggregator is our solution designed to help you simplify the management and enhance the performance of your connectivity needs globally.

Turn to us to leverage our partnerships with hundreds of domestic and international providers. We will aggregate services across all your multinational locations to one account, one manager, and one invoice.

  • Gain one seamlessly assembled, managed, and integrated solution across multiple providers
  • Access a world-class network of skilled experts with extensive carrier portfolio knowledge
  • Benefit from simplified, streamlined customer support and trouble resolution
  • Achieve billing accuracy and compliance and customized expense reporting
  • Leverage the best rates and service offerings
  • Streamline and reduce costs to generate lifelong savings
  • Mitigate and manage risk with a partner
  • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce churn
Through over 25 years of extensive knowledge of highly complex verticals, from financial to healthcare, AQUABLUE has gained the insight to deliver on the highest level of technical expertise and responsiveness. We partner with our customers to ensure that their networks are Designed-to-Perform – delivering the cost advantages, low latency, agility, and scale to drive business performance.



Solve network design issues with objectivity and transparency. Take the guesswork out of procuring routes globally.


Cost Management

Vendor-agnostic helping you make the most difficult and sensitive connectivity decisions saving you time and money.


Account Support

Manage the relationships that will deliver results with the highest levels of oversight within our carrier partners.


We know mission-critical infrastructure.

We take on network design issues providers are unable to solve.

AQUABLUE engineers leading technical solutions to deliver the speed, performance, and reliability your business needs to thrive.

Understand the ripple effects of potential network problems.

We prevent issues before they impact your business. Vendor-agnostic, helping you make the most difficult and sensitive connectivity decisions, saving you time and money.

Wall Street Rides FAR

AQUABLUE is proud to support Wall Street Rides FAR and the Autism Science Foundation. Our CEO,  Chris Marino is an avid participant and is featured as their rider of the week.

Data Privacy Regulations

For our second Leaders Roundtable, Moiz Kahari, Founder and CEO of Manetu, spoke with us on the ramifications of privacy regulation compliance on your enterprise, your relationships with partners and customers and on your brand.

New Technology for Remote Trading Compliance

In the first AQUABLUE Leaders Roundtable, Guy Talarico, CEO of Alaric Compliance Services, took us through the variety of compliance and security risks for remote traders.