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New Technology for Remote Trading Compliance

Manage Compliance and Security Risks for Remote Traders

AQUABLUE Networks’ inaugural Leaders Roundtable took place on June 30th. Guy Talarico, CEO of Alaric Compliance Services, took us through the variety of compliance and security risks for remote traders.

Financial firms have worked tirelessly to ensure seamless remote working technology through the unprecedented disruptions of 2020. As business continuity plans shifted to up to 99% of workers off-site, oversight and monitoring of traders has become more complicated.

  • Is your organization fully set and compliant to support your trading activities?
  • How do you manage hard-to-reach traders
  • How do you uncover violations or questionable acts that need quick responses?
  • Which behaviors raise red flags and pose risks to the firm?
  • Do your traders have adequate connectivity to perform?
  • What is your contingency plan for power failure during live trading?
  • What are the compliance rules and regulations that need to be implemented?
  • How do you safeguard against collusion and abuse?
  • Are you ready for what the future holds for remote access trading?

Download the presentation below to help as you evaluate your unique situation. 

Contact us today to continue the conversation or reach out directly to Guy at


Chris Marino

Chris and the team at AQUABLUE respond to enterprises’ most complex connectivity needs, unifying network custom design, engineering, implementation, cost optimization and account management into a single, managed and transparent service model that financial and enterprise organizations rely on to perform.

Guy Talarico
CEO, Alaric Compliance Services

Guy and Alaric Compliance Services' team of seasoned compliance professionals bring a fresh perspective, tested technologies and an unsurpassed wealth of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) experience to help clients anticipate and mitigate a range of regulatory, compliance and cyber-security risks.


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055

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