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Tamir Barsik Featured in NJBIZ Digital Leaders In Technology

AQUABLUE COO, Tamir Barsik, was recently selected as an honoree for the 2023 NJBIZ Leaders in Digital Technology Awards after showcasing excellence in technology leadership.

Read his interview as appeared in the April 10th issue of NJBIZ.

Barsik is recognized for his customer-first approach, creative problem-solving, and leading technical expertise. Under his leadership, AQUABLUE’s Network Operations Center is constantly evolving, introducing new software and systems to better support customers and streamline ticketing, reporting and maintenance outage times.

Tamir Barsik

Chief Operations Officer,

What has been your greatest contribution to your company’s growth in the digital technology space?

I feel that my most significant contributions to AQUABLUE are my professional commitment to prioritizing and delivering best-in-class customer service, along with my personal goals of creating a positive and fulfilling work environment for employees. I believe in leading by example, and that transparency and accountability are key tenets to that success.

Why is innovation so important to you?

Our business growth goals dictate that we need to be committed to staying at the forefront of technology and remain leaders in that transformation. I’m proud that my team is empowered to take chances, try new approaches to problems, and see how we can do better. I’m always striving to improve how we deliver products and services—it’s what makes this work so exciting and rewarding. AQUABLUE’s reputation as a peerless leader in this space is what keeps us pushing forward.

How do you spot opportunities for innovation?

I like to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, researching new developments and use cases. I embrace a customer-led approach to product development. Understanding the unique needs of our verticals allows us to tailor solutions that solve those challenges effectively. Being innovative keeps us fresh as a partner, not only to customers, but carriers as well.


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055

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