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Embracing Efficiency, Reliability, and Cost Savings: AQUABLUE’s Remote Hands for Your Colocation Needs

In today’s digital landscape, colocation facilities play a pivotal role in supporting the IT infrastructure of countless businesses. These facilities provide secure, redundant, and highly available environments for housing servers, networking equipment, and data storage. 

To maximize the benefits of colocation, it’s crucial to adopt best practices that enhance efficiency, reliability, and overall management.

What are Remote Hands?

Remote Hands services are a crucial component of modern colocation. They involve deploying trained technicians who can perform a wide range of tasks remotely or on-site to ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. These technicians can handle everything from basic troubleshooting and hardware replacements to more complex tasks like cable management and server reconfiguration.

While most colocation facilities offer on-site support for a fee, AQUABLUE’s Remote Hands team is highly experienced and more adept at responding to complex issues. AQUABLUE Remote Hands enables customers to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks in a colocation facility, freeing up their own teams to remain focused on internal tasks within their own company’s IT infrastructure needs.

Typical Remote Hands Services

Remote Hands services cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Moving or securing network cables
  • Network router and switch configuration
  • Server refreshes and reboots
  • Hardware and software replacement or installation
  • Power cycling
  • Inventory management and labeling
  • Handling shipping and receiving requests
  • Reporting on equipment performance
  • Audits

24/7 Support and Rapid Response

One of the most significant advantages of Remote Hands is the availability of round-the-clock support. IT issues can arise at any time, and downtime can be extremely costly for businesses. AQUABLUE can provide immediate assistance, ensuring that critical systems remain operational.

Cost Savings

By partnering with AQUABLUE for Remote Hands services, your organization can reduce the need for in-house IT staff to perform routine maintenance tasks. Having experienced technicians on hand eliminates the need to send staff for routine maintenance or troubleshooting.

Enhanced Security

Our Remote Hands technicians are trained to follow strict security protocols, ensuring that access to sensitive equipment is controlled and monitored at all times. This level of security helps clients maintain compliance with industry regulations and protect their valuable data.

Expertise and Efficiency

Our Remote Hands technicians are highly skilled in a wide range of technologies and equipment. This expertise translates into quicker problem resolution and more efficient equipment maintenance. Clients can rest assured that their IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

Customized and Scalable Solutions

Every organization has unique IT infrastructure management needs. Whether routine maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, or assistance with a large-scale project, AQUABLUE can adapt to meet your evolving requirements, ensuring you only pay for the services you need.

Minimized Downtime

Reducing downtime is critical in the world of IT. Remote Hands technicians can swiftly address issues, replace faulty components, and perform maintenance tasks without disrupting the data center as a whole.

Looking to optimize your organization’s colocation operations with exceptional 24×7 support, technical expertise, enhanced security, and cost-effective solutions?

Contact us to learn more about AQUABLUE’s Remote Hands services.


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055


Carli Castellano
+1 201 987 4055

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